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Pueblo Friendship Powwow Association

PFPA Background

PFPA Background
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History of the PFPA

The Pueblo Friendship Powwow Association was established in September of 1992.  We are a multi-tribal organization.  We have had 11 Annual Contesting Powwows, each taking place on the first Saturday of September.  Fundraising powwows are usually held in the Spring to raise funds for the Contesting Powwow.  Our members are friends and share many fun times, as well as working through the tough times together.  We all learn and grow along side each other.

Flying Geese

Our Officers

Fred Gauna, Jr. - President
Sandy Beaudry - Vice President
Juanita Heyn - Treasurer
Shelley Gauna - Secretary

P.O. Box 42, Pueblo, CO 81002